Women Who Love Psychopaths – Spis treści


1. Introduction
The Unexamined Victim


2. Pathology & the Psychopath Himself
Understanding the Names of Psychopathy

What’s In a Name?
Not Just Your Ordinary Killer
Why are Traits Important?
How does a person “get” psychopathy?
What about counseling for a personality disorder?
Genetic factors that influence the development of a personality disorder
Why don’t people with personality disorders get better?
More than mere personality function

3. The Psychopath’s Broken Traffic Light
The Traffic Signals of Personality

The “Go” light
The “Stop” light

4. Her Psychopathic Man
Psychopathic Hook-Ups

The Partner-Rated Assessment of Pathologic Men (PRA)

A Description of Their Men
Race and education
His occupation
His personality
Results of the PRA-
The Partner-Rated Assessment of Pathologic Men
His impulsivity
More on his addictions, substance abuse, arrest and violence record
How he sees others
His friendliness
His mental health
His other biological issues
His other women
His treatment of her family
His treatment of her when she was ill
The bottom line on personality traits and behavior


5. Her Temperament
  The Temperament of Women Who Love Psychopaths
     Female Extraversion and Excitement Seeking

Excitement seeking and extraversion attraction as risk factors
Her extravagance and disorderliness
Her Competitiveness
Her Impulsiveness
Extraversion and excitement seeking recap:

Her Positive Sociability and Relationship Investment
Relationship investment and positive sociability as risk factors
Relationship investment and positive sociability traits recap:
Her Harm Avoidance
High harm avoidance as a risk factor
Low harm avoidance as a risk factor
Harm avoidance traits recap:
Temperament Trait Conclusions

6. Her Character
The Three Categories of Character Traits

Her Cooperativeness
Cooperativeness as a risk factor
Her empathy
Liane J. Leedom, M.D. reflects on the development of empathy…
Empathy as a risk factor
Her tolerance
Tolerance as a risk factor
Her friendliness, compassion, supportiveness, and moral principles
Friendliness, compassion, supportiveness, and moral principles as risk factors
Her trust
Trust as a risk factor
Her loyalty
Loyalty as a risk factor
Cooperativeness Recap:
Her Self-Directedness
Self-directedness as a risk factor
Her self-acceptance
Self-acceptance as a risk factor
Her goal congruent habits
Goal congruent habits as risk factors
Her Self-Transcendence and Spirituality
Self-transcendence and spirituality as risk factors

The Psychopath and His TCI Traits
Temperament Traits of the Psychopath and His Women
Character Traits of the Psychopath and His Women
Tested, taught and treated
Lastly the issue that is on most people’s minds…“Is she pathological too?”


7. Attachment Versus Bonding in The
Just What Happens In Attraction?
Creating that Love Bond
Creating the Anxiety Bond
Creating a love/hate bond
Anxiety bonding
The Psychopath and Bonding
What is Sex with a Psychopath Like?

8. The Honeymoon
Methods He Used
The process of luring
Tapping into her empathy and compassion
Pacing and overwhelming
Communication, interdependence and problem solving
Respect and truth

9. The Use of Trance, Hypnosis, and Suggestibility
Do Psychopath’s Capitalize on Suggestibility?
The psychopath’s stare

10. Mid-Relationship Dynamics
Healthy Relationships Work
Healthy Relationship Trait List
The Honeymoon is Over
The Psychopathic World View
The Only Motivator
What are the dichotomies?
Other occurrences
One woman’s dichotomies
Dichotomies Summary
The Psychopath’s Language

11. Disengagement
The Disintegration of Her and the Relationship
The Pain of Disengagement
Inevitable Harm: Every woman was harmed
Liane J. Leedom, M.D. reflects on harm
Emotional and psychological harm
Financial and career harm
Physical harm
Sexual damage
Long term damage
What About the Children?

12. Their Stories
Rebecca’s Story
Christine’s Story
Lisa’s Story
Susan’s Story

13. Conclusion
Surveying the Aftermath
Information and Resources…

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